Platform Overview

We built our software from the ground up for digital marketers and product teams to collect & utilize customer data to create world-class customer experiences.

Also Addictively Easy To Use.

Collecting Zero Party Data

Icon - Contextual Collection

Natively Embedded Into The Experience "As Content"

Contextual Collection means we embed the questions in a way that looks like they were always meant to be there. Data collection "as content" contributes to our high response rates and high-velocity data collection.

Signature inline technology

Easily place surveys as a part of your page with no pop-ups or tech team involvement.

Widget types for any situation

Deploy the right data capture widget for the situation--inline, bottom bar, top bar, docked widget, modal, and full-screen overlay. Each widget is highly customizable.

100% on-brand

Data capture widgets leverage your existing styles and branding to look like your brand and experience.

Themes for each experience

Have multiple brands or sites with different styles? No problem -- we support multiple custom themes, so data capture looks correct anywhere it's deployed.

Fully responsive & accessible

Our data capture is fully responsive to the myriad of devices your customers use, and it satisfies accessibility guidelines.

Configured from web-based Console

For ultimate flexibility, you can make style updates from our web-based console without needing to engage your technology teams to make code changes.
Icon - Targeted

Contextual Collection Is Hyper-Targeted

Our dynamic targeting enables you to ask questions of the exact right users in the exact right moments of their journey.

Configurable in web-based Console

Configure who is eligible right from our console. After the initial implementation, make targeting adjustments without engaging your internal technology teams.

Target the right pages and sections

Configure surveys to display just on specific pages, site sections, or app screens to maximize relevance.

Target specific user behavior

Target surveys to display according to user behaviors like clicking a button, scrolling, using a search filter, or viewing certain content on a page.

Target CRM attributes

Target surveys based on CRM attributes like tenure, loyalty tier, segmentation score, or products owned. This data can also be used for segmentation analysis.

Powerful Management Capabilities

Icon - management features

Management Features

Global Management and Rollup

Do you want to deploy a survey across your enterprise in many markets and languages but also retain a global rollup view? No problem!

Prevent Survey Fatigue

Our frequency caps feature ensures that you don't over-survey your users, which will keep your user engagement high for the long run.

Intuitive Visual Canvas

Our drag-and-drop survey builder helps you easily keep track of survey logic and flow.

Audit Log

Ensure quality and security by tracking who makes changes.

Single Sign On

Log in using your enterprise SSO authentication to minimize the overhead of granting and removing access to employees and partners.

Easy At-A-Glance View

Our dashboard lets you see your whole program at a glance, including what's currently live, survey performance, and reporting.


Your customers interact with you using multiple channels, so we support collection in multiple channels. Capture feedback and data across web, mobile web, mobile app (SDK), email, dynamic email, paid media, social, and API-based channels to get a holistic view of your customer.

Graphic - QA Features
Graphic - Omnichannel

Built-in QA Features

Pulse Insights built QA features, including the ability to deploy to staging environments, send preview links for approvals, and validate translations. These features make it easy to ensure the quality of every survey and campaign.

Unique, Actionable Insights

Icon - management features.

Reporting Features

Link Qual & Quant Data to Uncover New Insights

Understand the quantitative impact of qualitative feedback by tracking High Value Actions, such as conversions, and linking them to customer feedback.

Get Scheduled or Dynamically Triggered Reports By Email

Stay on top of insights right from your inbox.

Advanced GPT-3 AI

Understand large volumes of open-ended feedback with ease using advanced AI sentiment and classification models.

Get Raw Data Extracts

Pull data directly from the console with the click of a button and get an automated feed directly to your enterprise systems.

Activating Zero Party Data