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Innovative Customer Feedback Software For Enterprises
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Deeper insights
are the heart of market-leading products & experiences

Pulse Insights helps you learn everything you need to know about your customers, with 10X the volume, detail, and actionability of legacy providers.

Through insights, integrations, and direct action, we help you acquire new customers and keep them loyal for life.

MICROSurveys So Natural, They BECOME an Integral Part of the Journey

Contextual Microsurvey Examples

Better insights start with better data collection

Pulse Insights advanced the industry with our innovative contextual collection technology that elegantly embeds short, on-brand microsurveys directly in your digital experiences.

The impact: the superpower to understand what is inside your users' heads at any and every key micro-moment of their journey.

On-brand, natively embedded microsurveys

Surveys become a native part of the experience. This approach respects your users' time and generates high-volume insights.

Hyper-targeted & relevant microsurveys

Advanced targeting drives relevance while reducing survey fatigue, empowering you to gain granular insights for any audience or behavior.

Omnichannel collection

Collect in-context feedback in any channel, including website, native mobile app, media, and email to create a holistic picture of your customer.

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Easy implementation and management

Despite the sophistication, it's fast and easy to integrate Pulse Insights into your experiences.


Everything you need to leverage customer insights to leapfrog the competition

AI Insights

Our leading AI Insights technology uncovers the insights and nuance that humans miss. Identify new trends, changes, and segmentations in your feedback with minimal effort so you can focus on making customer-informed decisions.

Screenshot of AI Reporting
Screenshot of AI Reporting

Powerful Integrations

Leverage customer data everywhere: personalize marketing emails, tailor content and offers, optimize media bids and creative, measure A/B tests, and enrich web analytics with deep customer context.

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Drive The Next Best Action

Transform surveys from a one-way collection to a two-way dialogue. Show helpful content, links, and tools to guide users based on what they tell you. We also track engagement so you can quantify the value you're driving for your organization.

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Strategic Playbooks & Guidance

Draw on our combined experience helping world-class organizations collect and leverage customer feedback with Strategic Playbooks that help you determine what to ask and how to get the most out of each learning.

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