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What Is Pulse Insights?

Pulse Insights gives you superpowers to understand the heart and mind of each customer

Pulse Insights uniquely enables you to contextually ask questions (including opinions, preferences, and customer data), elegantly across all of your digital channels and customer journey moments.

In turn, you build a unique, high resolution, and actionable picture of each customer, and all your customers in aggregate, directly from your customer.

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Just Ask

The notion of deeply understanding customer needs to best serve customers isn't new. But before Pulse Insights, it wasn't easy to directly ask customers about themselves naturally, incrementally over time, and at scale.

Now, the ability to directly capture explicit customer data, opinions, and preferences is transforming marketing to be more relevant, cost effective, and customer-centric.

But what's the value of an insight without corresponding action?

Not much.

So, we provide the functionality and integrations to make every system in your enterprise customer-aware so that you can act in real time.

Action opportunities from zero party data

Who is Pulse Insights For?

We purpose-built Pulse Insights for digital marketing & product teams from the ground up.

Instead of taking old call-center voice of customer approaches, we designed software specifically for marketers. Built to preserve your customer experience and brand as you collect data. Built for agility. Built to drive customer-centric outcomes.

What Makes Pulse Insights Special?

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Unique technology that enables elegant customer data collection in any customer journey or digital channel.

Features to give you customer data at scale on any topic, on-demand. We enable agile learning for continuous insights & improvement.

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The strategic guidance, resources, and support you need to be successful from day one

Quantifiable impact from collecting & activating zero party data to level up your organization

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Capture customer data contextually

◇ Without interruptions or popups

◇ 100% on-brand

◇ Looks and feels native to your experience, because it is!

Our contextual data capture technology is one of our biggest contributions to the industry. It's also the key to high response rates, fast learnings, and high quality data.

Contextual Zero Party Data Collection Illustration
Contextual Zero Party Data Collection Illustration
Contextual Zero Party Data Collection Illustration

Contextual Examples

Sophisticated, but also easy

Despite being natively embedded in the experience, our solution is super easy to configure and launch.

Addictively Easy To Use

You get
uniquely valuable insights


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Incremental Visiblity

Capture insights into significantly more touchpoints to optimize every aspect of your business.
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Continuous Learning

Capture learnings iteratively and continuously. Uncover something interesting? Dive deeper in minutes.
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High Velocity Data

Capture customer data 5-20x faster than legacy methods. High velocity data means you learn fast and can trust the data.
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Linked Qual + Quant

Linked qualitative and quantitative data uncovers new insights and helps you quantify the impact of what your customers are saying.
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Advanced Data

Advanced reporting & data extracts enable you to explore, model, and uncover new insights using the full resolution of your enterprise data.
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Next Gen Natural Language Processing AI makes it easy to grok large volumes of unstructured data, so you can get the gist without the effort.

But what if you could do even more with this data?

Our platform helps you extend the value of each piece of feedback to drive immediate quantifiable impact.

How It Works

Easy to implement. Secure. Privacy-compliant.

We built Pulse Insights to be easy. But for enterprise clients, easy requires more than just providing innovative software. It means we work with your partner teams such as security, privacy, legal/compliance, accessibility, tagging, dev ops, QA, and technology to ensure their needs are met too. Not only is our software easy to use, but we make it easy to get up and running in your organization.

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We provide the software, strategic guidance, support, and professional services for you to be transformationally successful.

How can I use Pulse Insights IN MY BUSINESS?

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Enable users to proactively give you feedback on every page of your site and app

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Measure and optimize each key step of the customer journey

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Understand audiences, intent, and satisfaction in high definition

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Compare results of similar pages to find opportunities

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Understand which campaigns are driving the right audiences and behavior

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Answer burning business questions with agile Pulses

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Let users tell you their preferences directly. Then use them for personalization.

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Learn which emails drive value and relevance

Drive Conversion Rate Icon

Optimize your conversion rate by understanding user's mindset at each step

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Let customers inform your product and investment roadmap

Conversion Rate Optimization Abandonment Icon

Understand and solve reasons for abandonment

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Link quant and qual data to see the impact of subjective experiences

And that's just the tip of the iceberg!