Next Best Action

Don't just collect feedback. Help. Drive.

The opportunity

Most other feedback collection is a one-way proposition. A user might tell you they're struggling, and that's where the interaction ends.

It's good to thank a user for feedback. It's better to help them based on what they told you.

Based on their response, what would help this client?

Each response triggers a tailored solution.

For example, you might:

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Show relevant, helpful content based on their response
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Help the user take the next step by linking to relevant tools or pages
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Trigger integrations like AI Assistants, Live Chat, or Support Tickets
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Set user segments or enroll the user in relevant campaigns

How does Pulse Insights help drive the Next Best Action?

In short, via creating logical flows in our Pulse Insights Console editor and integrations.

When you include links in your custom content card, the survey will present these links to your user based on their answer. Additionally, Pulse Insights will automatically track how many users click each link served, so you can know the impact that each Next Best Action is driving for your business.

And that's it!

Next Best Action transforms your feedback program into a hybrid feedback + marketing program because you simultaneously collect data and drive impact for your business.