360 Insights

Know Your Customers from Every Angle

Get a real bead on customer sentiment by improving the quantity, quality, speed and value of the insights you capture.

Contextual, Customizable, Actionable: 
Feedback Gathering Like Never Before.

Naturally engaging

By asking 1 or 2 questions that are relevant to the surrounding content, you won’t have to interrupt customers or capture extraneous feedback.

100% on brand

Because these micro surveys can be customized to visually “fit” the page and reflect the voice of your company, customers are more likely to provide feedback you can trust.

Superior results

Legacy survey tool response rates are often 0.5% or less. Ours are up to 10%—yielding faster, more measurable results that translate into significantly higher ROI.

Pulse Insights

Legacy Providers

360 Insights in Action

Ultrafast learnings are integrated into your systems in real time, enabling you to pivot strategies and shift business tactics with confidence.

We Make It Easy for You to Be Curious

Our proprietary “fast tags” and secure admin console make it easy to gather quality feedback fast, and use those insights to put new hypotheses to the test.

Create and configure personalized campaigns in minutes

Segment and target the right customers with the right message.

Deploy surveys across all key channels and devices.

Real-Time Insights to Inform Your Decision-Making

Set Yourself Up for Success

360 Insights comes with 120 days of expert onboarding services to drive impact and innovation using proven methods for collecting and responding to feedback.

We also offer end-to-end services to help make the most of your software investment—strategy, analysis, integration, implementation.

Feedback Isn’t Meaningful If it Doesn’t Have a Pulse

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