June 1, 2021

How Leading Brands Make Customer Insights Actionable

Pulse Insights

1. Leading brands don’t stop at capturing Voice of Customer KPIs. They use Active Learning to get answers that drive Action.

What's Active Learning?

Active Learning presents surveys as content - on your website, in your app, or via email. It’s a seamless way to embed questions that fit your brand right into the user’s experience. And the best part about it is that it provides you with high response rates and real-time data to act on! Leading Brands are relying on this new agile form of market research. 

Leading brands measure customer KPIs such as website/App/Email satisfaction.

But they don’t stop there. 

They also layer in Active Learning to answer their internal debates and hypotheses that drive real action. That is, they ask users contextual questions that they can immediately use to inform a near-term decision. 

As a result of these projects, they see improvements in their VOC KPIs. 

2. Leading brands connect VoC data to A/B testing, web analytics, and paid media.

Leading Brands squeeze more juice out of each and every piece of feedback by integrating it into other systems throughout their enterprise. This unlocks new opportunities to maximize the value of your voice of customer data.

Web Analytics

Instead of just seeing what happened, you can understand why it happened, making web analytics inherently more actionable. For example, leading brands view conversion rates by the self-reported audiences and then use those new insights to release enhancements specific to low-performing audiences.

A/B Testing

A key challenge with A/B testing programs is how to “roll out” a winning test to new pages and situations. A 30% lift on a single landing page doesn’t move the needle if an enterprise has tens or hundreds of landing pages. But you can’t properly roll it out if you don’t know why a variation won. Leading brands use Voice of Customer data to understand why a variation won. This is how they create a scalable Test & Learn program.

Paid Media

Direct response paid media gets signals from conversion events, but some strongly predictive traits exist only inside users’ heads. Leading brands send this data to their media partners, which gives them strong, predictive, and unique data to drive more efficient media campaigns and unlock new creative strategies.

3. Leading brands don’t just collect feedback. They drive the next, best action in the current moment.

Legacy Voice of Customer software sees its job as complete as soon as they collect feedback. But leading brands have evolved customer feedback into a true give/take marketing channel. For example, if a user states they’re having a hard time finding a phone number, they don’t just say, “Thanks for the feedback. Good luck,” but rather they help the user right now get to the right place. This is used both for servicing and marketing, and in both cases, creates a win-win.

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