June 1, 2021

5 Things You Should Be Learning On Your Website, But Can’t With Legacy Voice of Customer Solutions

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Modern Digital Voice of Customer tools enable you to get more actionable data from your website using a process that we call Active Learning. Active Learning embed "native" surveys contextually within the user experience, which allows yields better information, higher response rates, and more customer-centric way to collect feedback.

Active Learning unlocks new use cases that weren't possible with legacy digital feedback solutions like the old feedback tabs and annoying intercept surveys. Five of the most actionable use cases are below:

Ask yourself, “Is my legacy feedback software teaching me …” 

1. How to drive our conversion rates higher

Legacy Voice of Customer solutions focus on capturing feedback via feedback tabs or links and measuring Customer KPIs like Site Satisfaction (typically negative). That’s a decent start but an insufficient end state. If you’re interested in growing your revenue, you need to learn what you should enhance to lift your conversion rate.

With Active Learning, you can learn what is inside your users’ heads as they progress in their conversion journey so you can optimize each micro conversion:

  • Why did they select that shipping method? 
  • Which of these do you want most?
  • What are you going to do next?

With these insights, you can make the changes that will drive the biggest impact on your business.

2. What questions linger for users as they view your product pages?

Product category and detail pages are the anchors of a buyer’s journey. But with legacy Voice of Customer solutions, you don’t get many insights into how those pages are performing. And thus, you don’t have the recipe to optimize them.


With Active Learning, you can get all the information you need to satisfy your users and blow away your sales goals. You can learn:

  • How users like your pages and content
  • What questions they still have after viewing the page
  • What they’re going to do next in their decision-making journey
  • How your products compare to competitors’ products
  • If they had trouble finding what they need
  • How they value your product or page

3. Why users abandon

You might get an occasional insight via your legacy Feedback Tab before a user abandons, but the vast majority of users will leave without giving you a hint of why. 

How can you know what to improve if you don’t know why users leave? 

Active Learning lets you get inside users’ heads at the moment they’re about to leave, so you make enhancements that will result in fewer abandonments and more sales.

4. Why B was better than A

A/B testing is a great way to make continual optimizations to your digital experience. But the perennial problem is that you can’t successfully “roll out” a test enterprise-wide if you don’t know why a test won. 

Legacy Voice of Customer software doesn’t play at all with A/B testing. Active Learning lets you uncover what users think about each variation so that you have the additional context to understand what drove the lift confidently. This information allows you to roll out the right enhancements to other pages and situations.

5. How to optimize your navigation & search

Legacy Voice of Customer solutions sometimes trend KPIs around navigation, but they don’t give you the playbook to optimize them. Active Learning enables you to get an advanced read on how easily users can find what they’re looking for and what specific friction points they encounter so you can continually improve.

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