Progressive Profiling

Easily Personalize and Enrich Your Relationships

Capture individual customer preferences at scale to create progressively more personalized and profitable experiences across your enterprise.

Collect Customer Preferences In the Moment.
Quickly Integrate Them Across the Enterprise.

Hyper-target customers

Target personalized campaigns to exactly the right person, at the exactly the right time and place, to progressively populate that golden CRM record.

Profile in context

Using our trademark feedback gathering technology that emulates how people build relationships over time, generate response rates of up to 10% or higher.

Capture individual preferences

Gather strategic preferences at scale to tailor more meaningful brand experiences that are highly personalized and relevant.

Progressive Profiling in Action

Put your customers at the heart of your most critical decisions with real-time insights and preferences across every stage in their journey.

Sophisticated, Not Complicated

Our proprietary tags and secure admin console makes it extraordinarily easy to develop a complete picture of your customers over time.

Create and configure
personalized campaigns in minutes

Target precisely the right customer at exactly the right time

Capture preference data in a privacy-compliant manner

Manage multiple campaigns across channels simultaneously

No additional technologies or developers necessary

Power Up Your Profiling

Implementing a world-class Progressive Profiling program isn’t just a technology challenge—it’s a strategic and organizational one. That’s why our experts are available to help you stand up a program that transforms your business starting on Day One.

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from the Customer Perspective

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