Production Studio Manager

Day in the life

You’ve got a big day today: you start off the morning like most mornings: by getting the team together for a standup to talk through what’s launching today, what clients are hoping to push the limits of the platform and how to help creatively meet their needs, and making sure that we have the pieces in place to deliver.

After the standup, there are a few client things that you need to tackle as well. One client needs some translations done so you engage the right team. Another client needs QA/Preview links and screenshots to give launch approval, so you generate those. As an expert on some aspects of our platform, some team members ask for your collaboration in solving a complex, never-seen-before situation.

After lunch, you put on your Ops hat and iterate on the process you created to make it faster and more consistent to launch new clients. Part of it entails building some features, so you spec out what you need working with the Product team. Part of it entails communicating the benefits of making some tweaks to the way we do things, so you get some people together to get their feedback and buy-in on your thinking.

In the evening, you leave satisfied that you’ve both helped create a system that consistently gives clients the value they want while also rolling up your sleeves and directly contributing to clients’ success.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Production & Tech Ops Team Lead – you’ll be the team lead overseeing culture, results, quality, and process.
  • Project Management – you’ll ensure the groups priorities are met and help set expectations with clients about when they can expect things
  • Client interaction: you’ll work directly with clients in partnership with the Client Success team
  • Lead multiple functions: you’ll be involved in client implementation, QA and troubleshooting, analytics, design & UX, and operations-focused feature development

We’d love to hear from you if:

  • You have prior experience in tech ops, tech production, or client management at an enterprise SaaS company
  • You’re a strong organizer and communicator who can build a team that delivers consistent quality to clients
  • You get your kicks from keeping things running smoothly
  • You are excited by the startup environment! You want to contribute to fine-tuning the structure and process to scale the customer success & advocacy team

Bonus points for:

  • Having relevant industry experience in Customer Feedback Management/Voice of Customer


Park City